Tuesday, July 19, 2011

You can make the famous Brazilian Carrot Cake!

It's vacations time and for more then 3 days it's rainning in Paris :( so what can i do to keep the kids happy? Play and cook!
In Brazil we have a very good recepie of cake, we use to say that it's great for thoose kids who hates to eat vegetables... It's the Carrot Cake!
 Maybe you never heard to talk about it, but believe me try it.. it's very easy and simple to do it... so why not?
here is the recepie, and if you try to make it, please let me know!

Carrot Cake Ingredients
- 3 cups flour
- 2 cups sugar
- 1 spoon (dessert) baking powder
- 3 large carrots ( cut in veryyyy small pieces)
- 1 cup oil
- 4 eggs

1 - Blend together the carrots (peeled and chopped), oil and eggs;
2 - Then add all the other ingredients and put to bake.

For chocolat cover i put 1 cup of milk, 8 spoons of chocolot powder and 1 spoon of butter, after get hot, i wait more 5 minutes and i put on top of the cake, then it's ready to eat !!!

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Happybee said...

it looks awesome and sooo yummy!!! thanks for sharing!!!