Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Our Disney Day!

It have been rainning in Paris for a while and i decided to give a gift to the kids yesterday when the metereology service said that would not rain all day long.. go to Disney!
The Disneyland Paris is much smaller then the american one, but even so it's enough for the kids to dream and enjoy this magical time out.
I have to tell you that was a big adventure to go by myself with them, Gabriel is too small ,so there is not a lot of things we can do it...
Henri was soo happy to finally see a princess in person, but he kind made a questionary for her, as you can see in the photo he did not stop to play the jornalist and ask her many things as : What is your age?  and the prince are is he?
It was funny to see and in the end after a kiss he was so in love for the princess... Now at home he ask me to read her book all the time :)
Every time i go to Disney, the most dificult thing for me is NOT buy all the nice stuff they have there!
Yes I guess I didn't had a childwood... it happens....
Just to finish our day... Gabriel got sick there and we had to come back sooner then i planned and i almost didn't sleep last night...But its was really a nice day with the kids!

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