Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Meet "Chita"

I know I'm talking a lot abou Brazil, but I'm brazilian i cant forget this and my country has so many rich cultural goods that i feel i have to share with you.
One of them is the Chita, a very cheap, strong and traditional fabric used to make clothes, deco goods and everything else you can imaginate.
I personally love to include Chita in my home decoration, it brings life, lightfull colors and some tropical mood...

Chita is a cotton fabric printed with bright colors, usually floral, and simple plots. The printing is done on the cloth known as calico. A cheetah print feature on any other medium that is not calico calico. 
The main features are: primary and secondary colors in pasta plates that completely cover the fabric, bright colors, graphite drawings outlining, and the predominance of one color. Intense colors are used not only to beautify the fabric, but also to hide their irregularities and imperfections as a possible opening.

 So if you like strong colours and exotic fabrics, dont think two times and go add some Chita in your life!

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love this post : bold, vibrant eye candy. thanks for sharing.