Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Gabriel's Birthday!!

I should have done this blog before, so i wouldn't be so delayed to make this post...:)
Gabriel made 1 year old last 31 march, the time runnnnn when you have kids, i have the feeling that during the pregnancy the time take sooo long to pass but after they born is so fast that you cant believe!
I'm originally brazilian and there we have the habit to make birthday partys for the kids every year, but very big partys if you know what i mean :)
I was so focus in the food ( brazilian of course!) that i didn't had enough time to make all the decoration i want it, but even so the party was a success and we had a lovely day.
This is a very famous brazilian candy that calls " beijinho"  ( little kiss) and very easy to make, you just need concentrated milk  and coconut, nothing else ( soon i will post some recepies!).
I have to thank you my friend Paola who come home first to help me with the last details and who is the one who decorated the "beijinhos" while i was stressed with all the rest.
The cupcake toppers was the most succesful deco item ever! In the end every guest choose one to take home... Because of that i decided to sell on my shop too.
It's not so beautiful to see but is delicious to eat! This brazilian bread with tomatoes, cheese, olive and ham are very welcome by the guests in every reception i have at home.
The famous lion Cak, inside chocolate and strawberrys.
 My little Gabriel, who had lots of fun on his party , lots of gifts and lots of diferent arms to carry him.
  Henri, the big brother
  I hope you all like it to see a little bit of what is the brazilian way to celebrate a birthday for our lovely kids.

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