Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Will you be In Paris?

I received some emails of people ( from the blog) who are coming to Paris for Christimas , if you are coming too, please send me a email at, we are trying to schedule a nice brunch to meet lots of craft lovers!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Busy, Busy!

Working a lot!! Making thousands of nativitys like this one:) ! I never tought that those would make such big success!
Dont forget we keep going in our Black friday +Cyber monday in our shop!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Run Run!! Our shop is on the Etsy Black Friday!!! 15 % Off in all items till next monday!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Friday, November 4, 2011

Let's talk about Friendship?

Once I heard that you will always be able to count your real friends in only one hand and even so you will not use all your fingers for that... I can say that the life did show me that this is one of the most true in our lifes.
Friends are the family we choose, sometimes they even replace the family we didn't had... 
So if you have good friends dont forget to be there when they need you, to give a hug when something is going wrong, to worrie if they are away from you...

You're never alone, I'm always near,
When your troubled, down or blue.
All you have to do is call me,
I'm always here for you.
It doesn't matter where I'm at,
It doesn't matter when.
When you need someone to talk to,
I'm here to be your friend.
If you need someone to hold your hand,
or a hug to say I care.
If you need a shoulder to cry on,
for you I will be there.
So never think you are a burden,
when the weight gets to be to much.
You might find if look hard enough,
a good friend could be the right touch.
You're never alone, I'm always here,
through the good times and the bad.
I'm always here to be your friend,
I don't like to see you sad.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Oh Oh Oh, Yes it's already Christmas Time!

I know i have been out of this blog world for a while, but i was moving for another place and fortunatly my shop is selling much more then i expect , so i had to give a breack and focus in the house organization and the orders production...
Now we are very well here, we live in a small town, where you can hear the birds, walk along the river and see the sunshine from the window.. yes we are happy!
October just started but for me and so many other artisans its already Christmas time! Yes, time to stock for the big seller month... i expect lots of sales in my online shop but i will also do a Showcase in Paris and i'm part of the famous american "Free Shipping Day"... so lot of work to do!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Some news...

We have move out of Paris... yes,  we  had quit the stress of the big city and we are more happy then ever :)
It's amazing to have enough time for yourself, for the kids, for the craft...
The new house is not completly ready yet, but finally I have my own craft/sewing room!!! For the ladys that loves to sew and craft , they will understand my feelings :)
Soon i have finish to decorate the way i want, i will come with some photos...
For now i let you the view i have from my windows every morning...
and tell me if is not amazing and pieceful...

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Our Disney Day!

It have been rainning in Paris for a while and i decided to give a gift to the kids yesterday when the metereology service said that would not rain all day long.. go to Disney!
The Disneyland Paris is much smaller then the american one, but even so it's enough for the kids to dream and enjoy this magical time out.
I have to tell you that was a big adventure to go by myself with them, Gabriel is too small ,so there is not a lot of things we can do it...
Henri was soo happy to finally see a princess in person, but he kind made a questionary for her, as you can see in the photo he did not stop to play the jornalist and ask her many things as : What is your age?  and the prince are is he?
It was funny to see and in the end after a kiss he was so in love for the princess... Now at home he ask me to read her book all the time :)
Every time i go to Disney, the most dificult thing for me is NOT buy all the nice stuff they have there!
Yes I guess I didn't had a childwood... it happens....
Just to finish our day... Gabriel got sick there and we had to come back sooner then i planned and i almost didn't sleep last night...But its was really a nice day with the kids!

Monday, July 25, 2011

DIY Cloth Diapers let's do it!

A special  post for mothers and future mothers who loves this cute Diapers Cloths!
The pattern is here and is pretty easy to do it, even if you are just starting to sew you can go forward and make lovely cloths for your babys.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Meet "Chita"

I know I'm talking a lot abou Brazil, but I'm brazilian i cant forget this and my country has so many rich cultural goods that i feel i have to share with you.
One of them is the Chita, a very cheap, strong and traditional fabric used to make clothes, deco goods and everything else you can imaginate.
I personally love to include Chita in my home decoration, it brings life, lightfull colors and some tropical mood...

Chita is a cotton fabric printed with bright colors, usually floral, and simple plots. The printing is done on the cloth known as calico. A cheetah print feature on any other medium that is not calico calico. 
The main features are: primary and secondary colors in pasta plates that completely cover the fabric, bright colors, graphite drawings outlining, and the predominance of one color. Intense colors are used not only to beautify the fabric, but also to hide their irregularities and imperfections as a possible opening.

 So if you like strong colours and exotic fabrics, dont think two times and go add some Chita in your life!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

You can make the famous Brazilian Carrot Cake!

It's vacations time and for more then 3 days it's rainning in Paris :( so what can i do to keep the kids happy? Play and cook!
In Brazil we have a very good recepie of cake, we use to say that it's great for thoose kids who hates to eat vegetables... It's the Carrot Cake!
 Maybe you never heard to talk about it, but believe me try it.. it's very easy and simple to do it... so why not?
here is the recepie, and if you try to make it, please let me know!

Carrot Cake Ingredients
- 3 cups flour
- 2 cups sugar
- 1 spoon (dessert) baking powder
- 3 large carrots ( cut in veryyyy small pieces)
- 1 cup oil
- 4 eggs

1 - Blend together the carrots (peeled and chopped), oil and eggs;
2 - Then add all the other ingredients and put to bake.

For chocolat cover i put 1 cup of milk, 8 spoons of chocolot powder and 1 spoon of butter, after get hot, i wait more 5 minutes and i put on top of the cake, then it's ready to eat !!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Bastille Day...

Yesterday was a nice sunny day, perfect for the Bastille Parade and all the events in Paris to honnor our soldiers and to remind everyone the importance of they're service...
But was also a very sad day, we lost 6 french soldiers on Afghanistan , all my feelings to the famillys right now. I hope that the president Sarkosy will stop sending more mans to the war there and that he bring back home thoose who still fighting for something that we really dont know what it is...
Besides this was really nice to see how they work, they're helicopters, cars and not just talking about the arm but all the services that make the security of the nation, like the police, firemans ....
Henri was so happy, finally he could see all the little cars he play with in a real size and I can tell you that he still talking about it :)
 For his happiness they let him get inside a fireman car!! Unfortunatly i was with the camera that has no video mode :( 
By the afternoon there was a concert in Eiffer Tower with lots of famous artists ( most french ones) with the them  " Touche pas a mon pote" ( Dont touch my friend) against all the different ways of racism, great idea no? Was pretty nice to see more then 1 million persons together  and in piece, so far i didn't see or heard about any problem there, even with so many people.
To end the day, we went to see the Eiffel Tower firework, this one i let you a video where you can see a lit bit of the 45 minutes we had, where we feel a little bit that fairy tales can be true...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

DIY: How to do a hand stiched card!

Use your sewing machine (un-threaded) to punch holes in the card. You will end up with nice straight lines and even stitches.
The pre-punched holes make hand stitching easy. 

 (images Craftzine)

In love with Cinemagraphs...

Forget about Gifs, the hotest way to animate your photos now is the cinemagraphs, to explain in a simple way, they are a more classy version of the animated Gif.
These are quite stunning, and there is going to be a lot more expansions on this concept, the still photo with tiny, subtle movements in the image.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rush!! Rush!!! New fresh items already available!!

Yesterday i included some new items to my Etsy shop and also to my shop dedicated to the European buyers ( prices in euros with shipment included).
All the items are designed by me and can be delivered 2 to 5 days after your purchase.
All the items are made with felt that is no-alergenic felt and eco friendly.
If you want a bigger quantitie of items you can send me an email at or convo me at Etsy.
Remember that I do work with whosale, if you are interested please send me all the info of models , quantities and dead line by email.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Busy but relax Week and weekend :)

Hello everyone:)! Well now it's almost 00:00 and i feel really bad to have to go back home.... I spent the week+weekend in the house of Alex's parents, they are in the south for the summer, so all the house was just for me and the kids...
They live in a small town close to Paris ( 1 to 2 hours by car), so here you can see the green, hear the birds and dont see any noise of cars, people stressed and lines to do everything everywhere ( contrary to Paris).
In the photo you see me ( sorry for my crazy hair), i love this mirror, they're house is completly decorated in the old french style, really beautiful and every furniture has an history to tell...
 I can say that was a very relax and busy week, relax for all the reasons i just said, but busy because of course big house, much more wrong things that the kids can do... and they do it !! Also i had some orders to make and some projets to try, so i enjoy the window in front of the garden, the silence and the work was really good in the end....
Henri started to understand a little bit more how the money works, that you need money to go do shopping for example, so he created his own "supermarket" and this his new business right now... and to help my little boy to have more original products for his "clients" ( me and Gabriel) i did a banana split... he like it so much that he "sell" to Gabriel but didn't wanted to let his brother touch it....
And you, have you had a very busy, creative and relax week? Hope so!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Talking with Melena from Snuggle Bug Kidz

 Today i start a new tag here " Talking with" where i will interview artisans from all the world, womans that manage to be a wife, mother and business woman at the same time.
We start very well, with Melena who is the owner of Snuggle Bug Kidz Brand, that i meet on Etsy and is helping me a lot there:)
She live in Andover, USA with her husband Steven and her 3 little cuteee kids , Joshua, Eliana and Carissa.
So let's know more about her and her amazing work!
**How did you discover this little word of cute things you made?
"Almost exactly 4 years later my 2nd daughter was born. At birth she had a perfectly round head but over time she developed  Plagiocephaly  which is a cranial abnormality which causes your child's head to be lopsided . With the help of our Dr. we were able to get her fitted for a CranioCap Orthosis to help correct the problem. While having a conversation with her Dr. I realized the huge need for a decorative hat for these orthosis. The CranioCap was a ugly plain white plastic helmet. I couldn't believe there wasn't anything to cover these things !  I began discussing with the Dr. about how we could cover these plastic helmets in a way that makes it fun for the kids and the parents. The Dr. had said many parents won't go in public with the helmets on and therefore the children end up in them for much longer then they need to. This was my " AH-HA moment"...

 **From where you get your inspiration ?
"Being a young mom of 3 has it's challenges and one of those challenges is to find good quality merchandise at a great price. As my kids have grown and their personalities began to shine I wanted to make accessories, and clothing, that matched who they were... FUN...ACTIVE..and PLAYFUL....this is where the Snuggle Bug Adventure began! . With the help of two great friends, Ashley and Rebekah,  I believe we’ve created a brand of clothing and fun accessories that will truly bring a smile to anyone who wears them."

**The materials you like most...
 "I love anything bright and cheerful. I don't have a favorite, because
I love to create from everything that brings me joy."
**What are your future plans?
"Snuggle Bug Kidz was a small hobby that got big really fast.  We are
Currently in over 22 boutique's around the world including Australia, Paris, and here in the United States.
I would Love to expand the business even more to be able to sell in other parts of the world and bring
Joy and happiness to everyone who wears our products."

**The top 5 Etsy Shops in your opinion:

 **Little advices for the ones that are just starting:
1. Find what you're really good at and stick with it.  I think to many people try to make everything to
Make more money, but the key on etsy is to offer what other people don't have.  Make 1 or 2 things
That you're really good at in all different styles and you'll succeed.
2.  " Tag " your listings with multiple words ........Ex.  Baby Toddler Girls ... .Instead of just : Baby
A lot of people don't know you can have up to 3 words per "Tag". This allows up to 39 words
For how people find you instead of 13, that's a HUGE difference.
3.  Don't over price to make more money.  If people like what you have they will be a continuous buyer
Instead of a a one time sale. You will make more money in the long run .
4.  LOVE WHAT YOU DO  !!!  It's not worth doing if you don't love it !"
If you wanna know much more about Melena's work just follow the links:

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Very Happy today!

Yesterday i had such a great surprise on my Etsy Store, i made more then 10 sales in one day... maybe for some sellers this is nothing but for me that is just starting its very important step:)
Because of that i would like to introduce you to my Felt Appliques collection, just few ones...
If you guys like please take a look on my shop and also on my etsy store ( you can find the links in the pages "Shop" and " Where else to find").
Every piece is made by myself, i cut avery detail and i sew...
The appliques are made usinga no allergic felt and eco friendly materials...
I hope you like it :)!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Gabriel's Birthday!!

I should have done this blog before, so i wouldn't be so delayed to make this post...:)
Gabriel made 1 year old last 31 march, the time runnnnn when you have kids, i have the feeling that during the pregnancy the time take sooo long to pass but after they born is so fast that you cant believe!
I'm originally brazilian and there we have the habit to make birthday partys for the kids every year, but very big partys if you know what i mean :)
I was so focus in the food ( brazilian of course!) that i didn't had enough time to make all the decoration i want it, but even so the party was a success and we had a lovely day.
This is a very famous brazilian candy that calls " beijinho"  ( little kiss) and very easy to make, you just need concentrated milk  and coconut, nothing else ( soon i will post some recepies!).
I have to thank you my friend Paola who come home first to help me with the last details and who is the one who decorated the "beijinhos" while i was stressed with all the rest.
The cupcake toppers was the most succesful deco item ever! In the end every guest choose one to take home... Because of that i decided to sell on my shop too.
It's not so beautiful to see but is delicious to eat! This brazilian bread with tomatoes, cheese, olive and ham are very welcome by the guests in every reception i have at home.
The famous lion Cak, inside chocolate and strawberrys.
 My little Gabriel, who had lots of fun on his party , lots of gifts and lots of diferent arms to carry him.
  Henri, the big brother
  I hope you all like it to see a little bit of what is the brazilian way to celebrate a birthday for our lovely kids.