Monday, March 18, 2013

Top 5 Inspiring websites! *Top 5 Sites para se inspirar

I love to surf on the internet, looking for inspiration, ideas and new DIY projects to do. I've decided to list the top 5 web sites that I love for you also enjoy  all the amazing content they offer.

* Eu amo navegar na interet procurando por inspiração, novas idéias e projetos DIY para eu realizar. Então decidi listar os 5 melhores sites que eu uso e amo para que vocês também possam utilizar do otimo conteudo que eles oferecem.

*5: Nana Company:  Amy lives in California with her husband and four kids, she post about her day life sewing amazing goods and has an incredible taste! Enjoy lots of toys and patchwork ideas.

*4: The Yves Town Blog: Yvonne lives in Belgium and as an fantastic taste for decoration, there you can find  lovely day life ideas to decorate your home with simplicity , also enjoy her great crochet and knit ideas.

*3: Craftness is not Optional: If you have a sewing machine and little ones at home, this blog will give you lots of clothing tutorials and ideas! Jessica is a very nice lady, you will feel like her friend ( read her about).

*2 Luv in the Mommy Hood : Shannon is designer , lives in Canada with her 2 little daughters, in her blog you can find great sewing tutorials, and also you ca buy her knit patterns!

*1: Craft Gawker:  Are you addicted to Pinterest?? So wait to see what Craft Gawker will make in your days! It's like an pinterest but only about craft tutorials! It's not amazing?

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